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Bespoke Tailor

  • Best-quality suit crafted masterfully

  • Customized as per your needs

  • Perfect fit 

  • High-end full-canvas construction option available

  • Wide range of fabrics 

  • Branded and non-branded fabric

  • Experience Tailors

  • Experts Support


Om Fashion is not your typical Bespoke tailoring shop in Bangkok… we offer you more than that because we put at your disposal the real art of tailoring which has been mastered by our tailors over the past of years working with clients like you.

We dress you according to what you wish with the highest-quality bespoke garments that perfectly match your style and what you want to express to the world. Only those tailors capable of understanding the art of tailoring are the ones who can deliver those results, and we’ve got the best in Bespoke Tailors in Bangkok at your service.

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